2014’s best examples of customer service

As this year slowly draws to a close, this week we have scoured customer stories to find the best examples of customer service over the past twelve months.

In the world of online feedback forms and social media messages, getting customer service right is more important than ever. Your customer service sets you apart from the competition and defines who you are as a brand.

Get it right, and you can reap the rewards.

This can result in positive publicity through social media and word of mouth. It can boost client numbers and improve your reputation. It can also build brand loyalty and bring more financial rewards to your company.

We’re strong believers in excellent customer service, so we’ve put together our favourite examples of companies going above and beyond for their clients this year.

1. Sainsbury’s

The retailer stole the hearts of the nation with its reply to Lily Robinson, who wrote to Sainsbury’s to inform the company that its tiger bread should in fact be called ‘giraffe bread,’ due to its giraffe pattern that covers the top of the loaf.













Not only did the supermarket chain then reply with a lovely response, but they also sent her a gift card. Even though it was a fairly small amount of money, it was the thought and the effort that led to the story being shared widely on social media. Sainsbury’s has now also officially renamed the product to giraffe bread.

2. Natwest

The bank showed off its customer service skills by replying to a customer’s tweet, which enquired as to how to turn off its SMS alerts. The bank created a Vine explaining the steps to complete in video form. The tweet wasn’t even specifically directed at Natwest, so the reply was more than likely a pleasant surprise.

Natwest then created a student campaign #Uniproof, where it promoted Vines of hints and tips to help university students, such as cleaning your phone speakers to make them louder.

3. Samsung

When Shane from Canada asked Samsung for a free smartphone, the brand replied to him with something nobody could have anticipated. Not only did they provide Shane with a friendly and witty reply, but they also sent him the only customised phone case that Samsung has ever manufactured; designed with a picture that he drew himself. This helps customers to feel valued, as well as representing the company as fun and approachable.

samsung_customer service












The online retailer makes it easy for customers to get in contact by having a team dedicated to replying to customer comments 24/7. The brand has therefore become known for great customer service across a wide range of social media sites.The company replies to customer comments privately on the same platform that they have been contacted on, in a way that makes it easy for the customer to ask any questions. Using private and direct messaging on social media sites creates a personalised way of responding to customers in a convenient format they’re comfortable using.

Screen Shot 2014-12-01 at 13.19.44










Although Samsung, ASOS, Natwest and Sainsbury’s span across different sectors, they have one thing in common: a commitment to great customer service and an openness to experimenting with new ways to communicate with their customers.

Follow in the steps of these brands by prioritising your customer experience and it will place your organisation ahead of your competition, and your company will reap the long-term financial rewards.

We’re looking forward to the innovative ways companies will talk to their customers in 2015.

Have you have great customer service this year? If so, let us know your experience by commenting below.

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