Our History

Born out of a public and third sector contact centre provider, we are highly experienced in delivering dedicated expert customer relationship management (CRM) software to organisations across the UK and beyond.

Our parent company, Connect Assist, was established in 2005 and provides helplines and digital CRM services, powered by Oracle Service Cloud, to public and third sector organisations.

This heritage means we are the most experienced provider of Service Cloud – formerly known as RightNow CX – in the UK, and can apply our wealth of expertise to our private sector customers.

We understand the link between the quality of customer experience and customer loyalty, so we ensure that your CRM software is configured to achieve the highest levels of customer and staff satisfaction.

Our highly-trained team will implement the Oracle Service Cloud software for your business, deploying state-of-the-art technological solutions to personalise and enhance your customers’ experience, simplify the management of multi-channel communications and improve efficiency. We tailor this advanced CRM system to your company’s precise requirements, regardless of how complex they may be.

By improving staff efficiency and reducing repeat activities, our software empowers your customers to self-help, finding solutions faster, improving their experience and boosting loyalty.

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Discover how to transform the customer experience by adding self-help, finding solutions faster, improving their experience and boosting loyalty today.

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