How we redesigned the customer portal of a major online entertainment site

Background and brief

Our client had been using Oracle Service Cloud for a number of years to manage their contact centre, and was in need of a an overall update and modernisation.

Experience Assist carried out a full consultancy project to review every aspect of their customer service portal, including the experience of both customers and agents. We then provided the client with a full report detailing which aspects could be augmented and optimised.

Our approach

After receiving our report and recommendations, the client commissioned a full redesign of the customer portal across seven different brands.

We upgraded and corrected all existing glitches and ensured all aspects of the portal were fully optimised for mobile viewing. We also implemented specialist functionality that enables the customer service department to easily direct customers to the most relevant channel for resolving their enquiry.


Following our redesign, feedback from the industry suggests our client now has the leading customer portal in the sector. Since completion of our work in August 2016, the rate of customer self-service has increased by 10 per cent, which passes on a direct saving in resources to the client.

We have also reduced the number of chat disconnections and other technical glitches from the previous platform, which has saved the client a total of 10k per week during peak business periods.

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