Five ways to improve efficiency and customer experience

This week, we look at how digital services can significantly improve staff efficiency, improve your front and back offices and foster happier, loyal customers.

Managing customer relationships is a critical task for the success of every business. Whether it is phone, email or even social media manner, customer-facing staff must be trained to ensure their buyers’ journeys are as pleasant and efficient as possible.

We also understand the importance of providing different platforms for your customers to use when getting in touch. After all, a quick message on the Facebook smartphone app is far easier for most people than Googling your phone number and dialling through a number of options, when just trying to answer a simple question.

Efficient and streamlined communications lead to better customer experiences. So how can you achieve this? Here are some simple ways in which digital can significantly improve customer experience.

Digital first

By investing in your digital services and promoting them as the first point of call for customers, your business will empower them to access support materials, troubleshooting guides and essential information online, whenever is best for them. This then improves the efficiency of your operatives, as their time is freed up to speak to customers who need more personalised assistance.

For this to work, your website must be easy to navigate around, otherwise customers won’t be able to find potential solutions. It should also have provisions in place that allow customers to gather information – for example, a personal account option that allows shoppers to save their details such as favourite items or order history. A clean design helps too, as it makes it easier for you to highlight products you want to promote, and simplifies the browsing experience.

Prepare for platforms

computer  Ensure that your service is as accessible as possible across all platforms, including smartphones and tablets. This is so, whether your customers are connecting at home or on the go, they will be experience it in full.  With over half of all web browsing carried out on mobile devices, you and your customers will be missing out if you don’t tailor support to such devices. With the support of advanced digital services, you can create unbeatable web experiences regardless of your customer’s device or browser, so everyone who visits your website will be able to browse with ease, make decisions and seek customer assistance.

Data capture and analytics

dataBranded webpages – tailored to look and feel exactly the same as your current site – allow you to create easy-to-complete online forms and webpages, tailored to capture whatever information you may need from your customer. These could include details of how to complete a purchase, or contact information for a mailing list.

This will give you access to a wealth of information about your customers, allowing you to serve them more effectively. Such data can also be used to trigger automated marketing campaigns, so customers on your mailing lists will receive emails about your products or services that are most likely to appeal to them.

Faster responses


With increasing numbers of enquiries filling your operatives’ inboxes, advanced customer relationship management (CRM) software intuitively replies to customers, automatically routing them to a digital response, further information or links to relevant knowledge-bases.

Such software, combined with the latest cloud technology, would also enable all customer correspondence to be kept in one central location – accessible to all of your team.

Staff members will then be much more efficient when taking customer enquiries – as all prior correspondence will be in front of them – so they will be well-placed to advise on any issues that may arise.

Keep reviewing your online offering


No system is ever perfect and technology is constantly developing and evolving. Plan to consistently test and review the services you offer, to ensure that your digital service delivery continues to meet the needs and expectations of your customers. It may sound like a long process, but good customer experience leads to improved customer loyalty, a better company reputation and improved business success.

A final note

Investment in technology can help your team meet increasing customer demands, while improving staff efficiency and customer satisfaction.

To find out more about boosting customer experience through advanced software, why not get in touch?

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