How we redesigned the customer service portal for a major online photo printing company

Background and brief

Last year, Oracle Service Cloud launched a new framework for its customer service portal which meant the old framework would be discontinued.

Experience Assist was initially tasked with upgrading one of the UKís biggest online photo printing brandís customer service platform to the new Oracle framework, however the company soon realised they could benefit from a complete redesign.

We then took on the challenge of re-skinning, redesigning and optimising the companyís entire customer service portal, without causing any disruption to existing services.

Our approach

Our approach with this client was to modernise the look and feel of the customer service platform by optimising it for mobile viewing and to boost the self-service elements available to customers.

By providing customers with more opportunity to easily find the information and support they need online, the volume of calls received through the contact centre could be reduced. This increased the overall efficiency of the customer service department while improving the experience of the end user.

The client in question is a multinational company and operates in 16 different languages and interfaces around the world. It was therefore crucial that our initial redesign of the UK customer portal was flexible and intuitive enough to be easily rolled out to overseas markets.


By modernising the entire customer service portal and introducing more self-service elements, we were able to increase internal efficiency and cut service costs while improving the overall experience for the customer.

Customers are also now able to give more robust feedback on their experience, which allows the company to make on-going improvements to their services.

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