Latest Oracle Cloud update increases flexibility in analytics and database searches

By Stephen Pickett 

Following the launch of the latest Oracle Service Cloud update, we’ve summarised the key features and what the changes mean for Oracle users.

shutterstock_265202639The most significant change to the analytics function is that aggregate data can now be displayed within the body of reports. This increases flexibility, particularly with regard to database query restraints. Users can also now use analytics reports to access information about successful and failed logins for both the Agent Desktop and Agent Browser UI.

SAML Single Sign-On

The following changes have been made to SAML Single Sign-On feature in order to simplify supporting multiple external identity providers and the management of their certificates:

  • Support for Multiple Active Identity Providers

SAML tokens sent by any active identity provider are now accepted by the updated Oracle Service Cloud, provided the tokens contain valid and accurate information. If a site is configured to redirect agents to an external identity provider for authentication, users can now specify exactly which provider to use via selecting the Web SSO check box.

  • Support for Multiple Subject Types

Before the latest update, only a login name could be used to verify users. However, e-mail addresses and agent ID are also now accepted. The different subject types are specified using the new drop-down menu available when configuring the identity provider in the Single Sign-On configurations editor.

  • Certificate Removal from Identity Providers

This function allows you to manage certificates that are due to expire or have already expired. Certificates can now be removed from Identity Providers within the configurations editor, and it is worth noting that active identity providers must have at least one certificate.

Connect REST API

It is now possible to check and sort data returned by the REST API, providing greater flexibility and refinement in searches. Users can also upload and download file attachments and create Analytics report – a very powerful addition that adds greater flexibility in returning data via the REST API.

Custom Objects

System attributes and Custom Object fields can now be created using the Incident Queue and Chat Queue menus.

Custom Scripts for Merge Reports

The Custom Scripts feature within Analytics can be used to further control content within Message Templates via a Custom Script. This essentially means that when a message is sent, the scripted content will also be included. This is useful for any users losing functionality when moving from Mail Scripts. Please note that users must add a filter on the record’s primary ID, otherwise the Custom Script will not work.

Truncation and Ellipses Support for Incident Thread Properties

Users can now set character limits on incident threads so that messages will be truncated ellipses displayed to indicate there is more to read. This is available within Message Templates, Outreach and Feedback functions.

Agent Browser UI

  • Co-Browse with Customers

The co-browse functionality is available within the Agent Browser UI to guide users through a web page using a mouse or other pointing device to demonstrate actions.

  • Chat with Customers

The following chat features are now available within Agent Browser UI:

  • Login to the chat function and set availability status
  • Receive notifications of assigned chats and accept or decline them
  • View chat messages in the chat transcript and compose chat messages
  • Handle multiple chat sessions simultaneously and switch between chat sessions
  • Transfer a chat back into the queue
  • Collaborate with Others 

Service collaboration is also now available to help decrease agent response time to customers. From the incident workspace, agents can create conversations with details of their findings, and post questions to other agents and subject matter experts.

  • Workspace Rules

Many workspace rule triggers, conditions, and actions are now supported within Agent Browser UI enabling use of customised workspaces.

  • Knowledge Advanced Enhancements

Additional Knowledge Advanced features available within Agent Browser UI include:

  • Create and manage knowledge articles
  • Add knowledge articles as a link or text when responding to incidents
  • Add or remove knowledge articles to or from a favourites list
  • Display articles linked to the current incident using the Linked Articles tab on the Tool Panel
  • Display all of the articles marked as favourites using the Favourites tab on the Tool Panel
  • View an article in multiple languages
  • Enhanced Incident Message Component

When sending an incident response through the Agent Browser UI, the following functions are now supported:

  • Adding CC and BCC recipients
  • Attaching and sending new response attachments and existing incident attachments
  • Display of a bounce
  • Print Records

Details of an incident, individual contact, organisation and task record can now be printed from the Action drop-down menu, Quick Access Toolbar or Print button via the Agent Browser UI.

  • Social Incident Response

Agents are now able to respond to incidents that were created from customers’ Twitter and Facebook posts by entering the appropriate social channel into the Agent Browser UI.

  • Proxy Surveys

Proxy surveys are supported within the incident, contact and custom object workspaces within the Agent Browser UI, allowing agents to complete surveys on behalf of customers.

  • Browser Compatibility Mode

The Browser Compatibility Mode button on the workspace has been replaced with a pop-up dialog window containing a link to information on fields and items supported in workspaces for the Agent Browser UI.

  • Browser Extensibility

A new API has been created to allow the browser control to access external web content. The Agent Browser UI Extensibility Framework allows you to create JavaScript code to read and write data, and to establish contact, incident and organisation records, and to create UI mashups. By allowing tighter integrations, browser extensibility provides a more unified agent experience.


It is now possible to identify where an attachment was added to a message thread, including which files were sent in a response to a custom script and which were not. Files attached and sent in a response will now become permanently attached to the incident and also appear in the Attachments tab.


The OsnRequest object has been added to the Connect PHP API to enhance support for collaboration with the Oracle Social Network. This allows agents to share incidents automatically, add customers and groups to conversations, create conversations, post messages and notify users when important business events are triggered in Oracle Service Cloud.

Customer Portal

The latest update includes a Customer Portal Framework release is version 3.3.2, which includes the following features:

  • New Widgets

The following widgets have been added:

  • okcs/OkcsAnswerNotificationManager
  • okcs/SubscriptionButton
  • Widget Changes

A number of minor changes have been made to a large number of widgets.

  • Page Changes

The Account Overview page has been redesigned and now includes sidebar links for other account management tasks.

Outreach and Feedback

Poll results can now be linked back to incident and chat records through the polling survey widget within the Customer Portal. Any results from polls are associated with the related incident or chat session ID. Survey response reports can also be added to incident and chat workspaces to view related polling results. However, please note this feature is only available when using Customer Portal Framework Version 3.3 or later.

Knowledge Advanced

The majority of updates to Knowledge Advanced are focused on functionality. It is important to note, however, that this has a built-in integration with Service Cloud and must also be purchased.

  • Agent Desktop and Customer Portal Enhancements

Both agents and logged-in users can now subscribe to the ‘Answers’ functionality. This allows both parties to manage their subscriptions, rate and provide feedback on answers (including URLs) within the Agent Desktop and Customer Portal. Agents can now also display recent searches via the Agent Desktop and users can easily revise search criteria using a hotkey.

  • Intelligent Search Enhancements

The intelligent search function now automatically adds products in the Service Cloud product hierarchy to the service’s dictionary, therefore enabling better matches between questions and answers about specific products. The dictionary is also automatically updated whenever the product hierarchy changes. Users can also now easily filter search results based on products of interest via the Intelligent Search function.

  • Knowledge Administration Enhancements

As part of the enhancements to the Knowledge Administration function, users can now immediately initiate content processing and indexing for content collections, as well as specify UI display labels when defining or updating a collection.

  • Knowledge Advanced Analytics

The following new reports have been added to the Advanced Knowledge service to help users analyse the effectiveness of content and Intelligent Search responses to questions. These reports include:

  • Advanced search summary
  • Answers by category
  • Answers by product
  • Recent questions
  • Keyword searches
  • Knowledge Advanced Intent Builder

The Intent Builder is a new facility that associates users’ questions with specific knowledge base content. This can be used to match a question to a specific answer to ensure it will always be the first available search result for that specific question.




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