Latest release from Oracle Service Cloud improves security, flexibility and social platform access

 The 21st century customer has high expectations of how they want to be able to contact brands and service providers, how they want to be listened to and supported, and which channels they’d like to use.

The Oracle Service Cloud customer experience suite is aimed at making the connection between brand and customer as seamless, efficient and mutually beneficial as possible. To that end, Oracle is committed to continual improvement of the CRM platform, and the February release includes some important enhancements. We thought we’d share a summary of what we think are some of the more significant developments in the latest update, and our thoughts on what they can offer in terms of benefits.

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Session hard timeout – extra security in this version comes in the form of forced re-authentication after a specified period of time. One key thing to point out is that it is switched on by default, which is a potential cause for confusion for those that are unaware. For customers who are upgrading this is set for 3 months.

Message templates enhancements – improvements to this add much more flexibility to the automated messages that are sent to users, including conditional content based upon the record that triggered the notification and addition of recipient details to the message e.g. Dear Mr Jones.

Bounced incident response handling – this will be very useful for preventing issues from falling through the cracks, through a more accurate reflection of the reason for a hard bounce, when a customer’s e-mail address stops working for some reason.

Automatic incident archiving – incidents are now archived automatically past a certain period of time after they are solved. This will be very useful for adhering to Data Protection Act requirements but could also be a potential pitfall if customers don’t realise that this happens i.e. suddenly their data is gone.

SSO login help – the password recovery functionality has been improved to provide administrators more flexibility in resetting passwords, especially when combined with Single Sign-On (SSO) – now users can reset their password themselves, or they can be shown a customizable message with instructions, or it can be simply turned off.

Add-in enhancements for upgrades – the Add-In Manager has been updated to prevent the deletion of add-ins during an upgrade cycle. This should make it easier for developers to manage Add-Ins without compromising existing settings, although they will still be able to modify permissions and upload and reload existing add-ins.

Private messaging support for Facebook channels – this is quite an important addition to social channel access and brings Facebook functionality inline with Twitter functionality. This means customers can now provide sensitive incident related information using Facebook private message, without having to leave the Facebook channel. Incidents will also be updated with both public and private customer replies, allowing agents to monitor the entire conversation in the incident response thread.

Co-Browse Premium – this update means you can trigger co-browse (screen sharing) from any location whether that’s on your company website, another company’s website or even from a PDF or desktop application – potentially very useful!

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Agent Browser UI – there have been a number of improvements to the Agent Browser User Interface for customers who require a thin client to access Service Cloud; this is currently only available for Early Adopters – if you are an interested in trailing this, please get in touch!

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