Latest update to Oracle Service Cloud

shutterstock_176447294Here we summarise the latest Oracle Service Cloud update and what new features you can expect to see.

Some of the most beneficial features of this update lie in the analytics system, where the improvements to the layout and report management have been made to increase efficiency. Changes to the Agent Browser IU and customer portal will also allow the Oracle Service Cloud to become more accessible and consumer friendly.

General Updates

Recent items

Recent Items are now grouped by ‘today’, ‘yesterday’ or ‘older’ in addition to pinned items.

Single Sign-on

It is now possible to customise the entity ID used in the metadata that is exported from the single sign-on configurations editor. This will help avoid problems with the system recognising special characters.


Two new workspace and script options properties have been added:

  • Automation control property

The property titled ‘refresh when record is saved’ ensures the agent sees the correct PK ID displayed on the Policy Automation control after saving the created object.

  • Hide Options Button property

The property titled ‘Hide Options Button’ has been added to reports and relationships containing the options button, and removes the Options button from displaying in workspaces and scripts when selected.


Consolidated dashboard layouts

A new layout is available within the dashboards editor that allows the different reports to be consolidated into one report.

Column Details available in Report Management reports

The Reports by Description and View Report Description reports in the Report Management module now include links to column descriptions. This will allow the user to view information about every column in a report.

Agent Browser UI

Browser extensibility

It will now be possible to create, edit, delete, find and open workspace records and also include and exclude menu items in simple, hierarchal menu fields. Additional validation and business logic on saving and closing workspaces have also been added.

User Password Change

The user can now change their password using the option within the setting and actions drop down menu, although this is not available when the SSO Login permission is enabled.

Persistent Summary panel

The summary panel within a workspace can now be displayed as a persistent panel located above the primary tab set, or as the first tab in the primary tab set using the post Summary Panel Alignment Options property. This is available when the primary Tab Set control is selected in Agent Browser UI only.

Expanded version information in the About Dialog

The About dialog now displays expanded version information including information including information about Oracle Service Cloud, and Agent Browser UI product release versions.

Send broadcast Notification message to all logged in users

It is now possible to send a notification message to all members of staff who are logged into the system.

View Social results and create Social incidents

Social Monitor results can now be viewed, and incidents created from two new reports, which are available for viewing and managing social monitoring results, and are specific to Agent Browser UI:

  • Social Monitor search results

This report displays all searches and allows users to filter results.

  • Social Monitor new results

This report displays all new social results.

The Create Incident button is displayed after selecting a social monitor post, and allows the user to create a new social incident.

Enhancements to incident threads

An attachment icon will now appear on an incident response thread to show the user that an attachment has been sent with a response. It is now also possible to edit or delete all thread entries within an incident when copying an existing incident.

The following Read Only behaviour properties for the Rich Text incident thread control are now supported:

  • Read Only On New
  • Read Only On Edit
  • Read Only/Profile Based

Workspace Rules

Additional workspace rules, triggers, conditions and actions are now supported.

Knowledge Advance Enhancements

Additional Knowledge Advance features available in Agent Browser UI include:

  • Hot keys for Add As Text and Add As Link, used to add an answer to a message body, are now available.
  • When an answer is added to a message body as a link or as text, or when an answer is viewed, these events are now tracked on and reported in the Answered Utilised by Agents.


Two new Report Behaviour options are now available for the report control:

Create New Records in a Separate Workgroup – This allows a new record to be saved independently from the record on which the control appears.

Open Existing Records in Separate Workgroup – This option allows an opened record to be saved independently from the record on which the control appears.

Enhanced user interface look and feel

There have been a number of changes made to the workspace toolbar, primary tabs and secondary tabs, which will provide more visual cues to the user. These include:

  • The Refresh, Save, and Save and Close buttons on the workspace toolbar now have appropriate icons to the left of the button text.
  • The selected primary workspace tab now has a blue bar below the tab text to indicate it is the selected tab.
  • Secondary tabs include an appropriate icon to the left of the tab text to indicate the record tab.
  • The selected secondary tab now has a border around the tab text and icon, and the tab text has bold blue formatting.

Customer Portal

Three new widgets have been created:

  • output/ProductImageDisplay
  • navigation/DiscussionPagination
  • searchsource/MobileSourceProductCatergorySearchFilter

A number of changes have been applied to the following widgets:

  • discussion/QuestionDetail
  • discussion/QuestionComments
  • feedback/SocialContentRating
  • input/MobileProductCategoryInput
  • input/RichTextInput
  • Input/TextInput
  • navigation/VisualProductCategorySelector


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