Oracle announces changes to Oracle Service Cloud update

Oracle has announced changes to Oracle Service Cloud updates covering versioning and maintenance. Weve outlined the key differences and how this will benefit Oracle users.

The change is expected to improve efficiency and reduce downtime by aligning environment release updates and maintenance schedules across all Oracle Cloud CX applications. This includes Oracle Service Cloud.

Naming and Timing

The Oracle update includes adjusting their versioning terminology to ensure clarity and consistency.

This will see Oracle using the last two digits of the calendar year, for example 17 represents 2017. It will also use the first four letters of the alphabet to correspond to the four calendar quarters, for example 18A will be used to represent the next release in February 2018.

Releases will continue to be delivered in February, May, August, and November.

Maintenance Packs will be delivered monthly and Approved Exceptions will be sent as needed.

This update will not affect updates to the Browser User Interface, the Auto Upgrade Program or the Legacy Upgrade Process.

Monthly Maintenance

Improvements have been made to eliminate downtime, which has been achieved by limiting the periods of potential downtime to the first and third weekends of each month.

For these weekends, the estimated windows of potential downtime will begin on Friday at 21:00 (local Data Centre time).

Notifications that are sent to clients will be reduced, which will stop people being proactively notified of changes.

However, as maintenance is taking place, it is important that you are able to understand when they will occur.

Please visit Support Notification portal for events specific to your site (if you have a login).

Visit the below pages for relevant update schedules;

Product Release Updates, Chat Service Updates, Advanced Routing Updates, and Agent Browser User Interface Updates

There will be no changes to the proactive notifications around the Auto Upgrade Program and the Legacy Upgrade Process.

Keep an eye on our blog for more information and updates from Oracle.

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