What Experience Assist can do for you – in English!

By partnering with us, your staff and customers will benefit from access to advanced technology – which aids clearer customer communications and improves the customer experience.

We provide and implement the state-of-the-art Oracle Service Cloud customer relationship management (CRM) software, which improves the efficiency of your team, helping them to manage and improve more customer journeys – for less.

So how can we help you?

Boost operator efficiency

In many contact centres, operators can only manage customer enquiries through phone calls – and can only take one call at a time. With Oracle Service Cloud, customers are encouraged to self-help online, using services like interactive online knowledge-bases, ‘ask a question’ and live web-chat facilities.

With technology like live web-chat, your operators can talk to multiple customers at once in real time, potentially supporting five customers in the time previously taken to manage one customer phone call. This allows your staff to support more customers while improving customer satisfaction.

Ease customer communications

Using email, ‘ask a question’ or online live web-chat is much faster than talking on the phone, as there are no lengthy operator menus for your customers to navigate, helping them get the answer they need more quickly.

This technology also eliminates any concerns customers may have about using the telephone, if for example they have hearing or speech difficulties, and also allows customers to seek assistance 24/7 at a time that suits them.

They simply log on and ask a question, and then are free to multi-task while waiting for a response, something that is more difficult over the telephone.

Everything on file, in one place

All information sent between your customers and your operators is stored on a central database. This means that regardless of whether your customer last spoke to a member of your staff via phone, email, live web-chat, or social media, all correspondence will be stored in one place for easy future reference.

This case management means that customers don’t have to repeat their query every time they get in touch, leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Happier customers improve your company’s reputation

We understand and fully appreciate the importance of the customer journey. Customers don’t want to wait for replies. They don’t want to be kept waiting on hold. They don’t want to repeat the same story every time they get in touch.

By partnering with our expert team, we will tailor your in-house technology to ensure first-class customer support. Satisfied customers become loyal customers and advocates of your brand, boosting your reputation and marketing efforts.

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Discover how to transform the customer experience by adding self-help, finding solutions faster, improving their experience and boosting loyalty today.

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